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Let's do it.
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New sites that I learned about recently and am exploring

We had a great bull session the other day and I tried to jot down the plethora of ideas bouncing around the room. Here are a few sites that might be of interest. I will try to categorize them once I have finished checking out their possibilities.

Big History An amazing site by the way if you want to get a perspective on our planet that covers it from the first Bang to the last Whimper.

Blessed Unrest
Wiser Earth

There were quite a few videos mentioned as resources. Some of them, like The Take, are online in full, and I am looking for the others. If you have links, or sources that you would like me to add to the list, please let me know. I have nothing better to do.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Small Is Beautiful

I was reminded by Matt's tweet the other day, how powerful these ideas can be. Check out the film on Schumacher here: https://www.nfb.ca/film/small_is_beautiful 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Here are two sites that I am exploring

I know that we have all been busy. Me too. Over the last month as I brought my class to a close I have been relying on two sites for some ideas on Systems Thinking. The first is Vanessa Timmer's site on ST and Sustainability. She and her sister Dagmar have a truckload of good ideas to share. They also helped out with the ST in our new curriculum.

The other site that might interest some of you is the Global Peace Index. A great conversation starter in class. I have also used it in my Grade 12 English classes. A good way to start the discussion on how statistics are used as well. The site is run by Vision of Humanity and they focus on positive aspects of what makes a peaceful society.

On a side note, here is a site that I have just started to explore. It might be a keeper. It focus on ecoliteracy and has articles that can be used in the classroom.


If these sites prove worthwhile I will move them to the sidebar. Drop me a note if you are finding these useful.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Sunday, 3 November 2013

New links added

November 3 2013
I have just added 40 new links to the sidebar this morning. I took these from the list I have for my class and I have included only the English links. When I get time I will add more from my list, but for now if you see sites that raise alarms, let me know why, and I will either remove them, or engage in a discussion over why they are there.

For the moment we have decided to keep this site alive until we can figure out how MCIC would like to proceed with their Take Action site.

I would love and appreciate any feedback you might have. If you have found the perfect webpage for your course, send me a link and I will add it.

For teachers who teach in French in the Immersion Programme, you probably have run into the same problem I have - many more sites in English than French - students gravitate towards the site that is easiest - yada yada yada. I hear your frustration.

My students have been using this site, and mine, for the past while for their inquiry projects and the feedback on the way Gareth and Project Peacemakers set up the side bar has been very positive. Kids like to have some guidance. I am hoping that as we pool our resources together the list might become even more helpful.

If the layout becomes too onerous for the eye, I may change to another platform or have drag downs, but for now, VoilĂ .